Hey guys so I thought I'd make a quick blog for you just about hitting it further. As you all know I'm going to give it a crack at long drive and one big number that everyone is talking about is ball speed. So a lot of people try to work on ball speed they don't really know what it is that affects ball speed, so basically I thought I'd make this blog on what it is that affects ball speed. 

Three things that affect ball speed are face to path, spin loft and strike. Face the path really quickly is where the club is pointing relative to where it is swinging so if our club is swinging here and our face is pointing there we're not going to get a very good ball speed because it's a glancing blow we want it to look more like this where they point the same direction so that we get the most ball speed relative to our club, basically all that means is instead of our club being a glancing blow it is a straight hit through. Spin loft is exactly the same thing except the vertical axis, so if you can imagine instead of our attack angle being down like this and the loft of our club pointing up like that we're trying to make them point in the same direction as well, that way we see a higher return from club speed onto the ball.

The third option then is the strike on the club face so if we don't get a lot or a decent strike on the club face then obviously we're not going to get a lot of ball speed so i'll show you the difference here so if i go and hit really down and across and leave my club face open we're not going to see a lot of a lot of ball speed which will look something like that (refer to video). So we got quite a lot of spin left our club face is really open that's where we see those slices and we don't get to see the ball go very far, but if i make the same sort of effort swing but make everything a little bit closer what you see is that the ball speed number really really rises and the distance in total will go up as well. We hope this helps!

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