F$&k Ups - Failures - Feedback

My life is bathed in failures, events, things, moments that have backfired. A multitude of mistakes & a festival of f$&k ups! 
I’ve bailed and failed, Personally & professionally, both on a world record scale and on a worth & respect scale. And during my life’s experience, if I was to look down my timeline and connect all the dots, it’s a majority fail.

So let’s have a look at the concept of failure. 
Failure is commonly said to be the lack of success. However, this definition offers a narrow, limited and subjective perspective.
More practically & often, failure comes before the success. It is very much a part of the success journey.
Trials are not construed as failures by those who have succeeded. In fact, they are opportunities to get things right. 

To remove the VALENCE ( emotional charge ) view Failure & mistakes as feedback mechanisms, feedback to compound learning so we can do better again and again. They are stepping stones to success.
Life is a Journey of Feedback, it is our reactions to our endless mistakes and perceived failures that help us develop a deepened consciousness and awareness about life and who you are at its source. 
Our recovery from tough moments and times make us what we are.
In the Mandarin langague crisis has two meanings OPPORTUNITY or DISASTER, ultimately we choose.

From here on in, ask yourself is your failure or mistake a disaster or opportunity? They are both similar yet send a very different message to your mind.
There is no failure or mistakes, only feedback

By Jamie Milne - JMT

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