Girls Getting Into Golf

Golf is NOT a men’s sport. There are far more men that play Golf than women sure, but women can enjoy the game just as much. The game is much more than hitting a little white ball into a hole, it's about friendship, mental toughness, respect, exercise, family and fun to name a few things. 

Creating a women’s clinic is for the women who have always wanted to join their colleagues in Golf Days or Networking Groups, Charities and Events. Create memories with their partner, children and friends. Who just want a laugh and get out on the course enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise. 

I don't know about you women, but when I first was introduced to Golf it was so daunting! I didn't know where to start, how to purchase a bucket of balls to practice and when I did I felt judged on the driving range and had no idea what to wear. This was only the very start of the unknown and it has only been the past 2 years that I have felt the confidence to start trying. Knowing that everyone has to start somewhere and even the good golfers have bad shots (trust me, I have seen lots of them first hand). 

In the Women’s Clinic we will be covering EVERYTHING you need to know to make golf not so daunting and doing this in a comfortable, non judgemental and safe environment. From etiquette on the Golf Course, how to score, what to wear and how to drive a Golf Cart to the grip of a golf club, the variety of golf clubs and how to use them to get you to the point you are confident to swing the golf club on course.    

Let’s get into golf and do it together so it leads the way for other women to give golf a shot. We would love to create a Community of Women who are all on the same Journey to learn this sport, something different and something for you. 

Lets beat this game together! 

By Alicia Watanabe

Unit 1, 10 Premier Cct Warana Queensland 4575, Australia
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