Come for a swing at Queensland’s very first 24/7 indoor golf facility located at Warana, Sunshine Coast
Our vision is to give every golfer the opportunity to play their best golf ever.
Our mission is to ensure we are consistently improving and finding better ways to help explain golf, an otherwise extremely complex game, in the simplest terms.

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Coast Golf Centre, where we offer a variety of options for practising and improving your golf game.

Whether you are a casual player or an avid golfer looking to maximise your time on the range,
we have just what you need.


Because we get that your time is extremely valuable. Even when you have some freedom away from work and the daily hustle, it’s just not enough to drive to the course to play and practise golf the way you really want to.

Not to mention, the game can get complicated, there are times when you are not sure what or how to practise, and you’re missing out on some valuable feedback on how to up your game.

This is why we created a gym-like facility specifically for golfers like you. When you feel like you want a quick practice session, you just book online then access the indoor driving range at any time via your Bluetooth key. Once inside, you can choose to fine tune your swing or play virtual golf during your allocated one-hour time slot. Actually, why not both?

It only takes 45 minutes to play 18 holes at one of the 200 world class golf courses, and only takes 3 swings to fine tune your swing, making your practice time efficient and your skills sharp.



Whichever session you choose, we guarantee you will improve your game, whether it be through TrackMan practice or spending valuable time with one of our pro coaches.
Guided tour with a pro
Our private guided tours are designed with your exact needs in mind. We want to ensure that this facility can help your game by maximising every single opportunity. When chatting with one of our coaches, we will pinpoint what you want or need to improve on, and make recommendations on how to achieve those goals directly with our facility.

Complimentary session, valued at $150
You will be able to enjoy a game of golf around a world class golf course, such as Innisbrook, Pebbles Beach, or one of the four legendary St. Andrews Links courses (and 200 others). Since it only takes 45 minutes to complete a round you will also have time to quantify your efforts on the practice range by measuring how far and straight you are hitting each club.
Golf coaching at Sunshine Coast Golf Centre is designed to help you improve your game and become a ‘better golfer’ version of yourself. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches, you can expect to receive top-quality instruction that will support, enhance and fulfil your golf game.


Are you ready to take your golf to the next level?

The SCGC Player Performance Program is here for you, to do just that. With this top of the range program you will have access to all the tools and resources you need to improve your game, and reach your full potential.

One of the key components of this program is to fully utilise Trackman Technology. This state-of-the-art system allows you to track and analyse every aspect of your swing, providing you with valuable data and feedback to help you make the necessary adjustments.

However, golf isn’t just about physical technique. That’s why we also included mental performance coaching in the program. Our expert coaches will work with you to develop a positive mindset, and help you overcome any mental blocks that may be holding you back.
In addition to the technical and mental training, we’ve also included strength and conditioning sessions to help you build the physical strength and endurance you need to play your absolute best. To keep you accountable and on track, you will also receive a customised plan, and regular check-ins with your coach.

The SCGC Player Performance Program is an investment in your golf game, but it’s one that will pay off in improved scores, and a greater enjoyment of the game.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SCGC Player Performance Program, and how it can benefit your golf game, we’re offering a FREE one-on-one consultation with one of our expert coaches.

During this consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your goals, and ask any questions you may have about the program.
Invest into your game and book your full SCGC Player Performance Program for $15,000 NOW


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Stephen McLachlan

"I had my first lesson with Atomu last week and, the experience was excellent. I always thought I had a slight into to out swing at times, but after seeing the numbers on my swing plane it was more of a robotic swing with a slight in to out. Atomu also gave me some insight on the mental side of the game which was good. I will be going back for another lesson and, would recommend to others."

Jordan Whittaker

"Great facility!
If your wanting to identify areas of improvement, the data from the ball tracker really helps.
Using the trackman ball tracker I was able to see the I have a tendacy to hit the ball close to the hosel, and then from there I found methods/drills online to try fix and helped loads! Also there is private training there but I didn’t get a chance to try."

Peter Caldwell

"The facilities are fantastic and the coaching available has resulted in a large change in my handicap and understanding of my game. The competitions and support have been excellent. I can't thank the team at SCGC enough for improving my game and my enjoyment."

Joanne Fisher

"Hubby Steve recently had a few tuition and practice sessions at SCGC over a period of 5 - 6 weeks. Atomu and his wife have invested in an impressive facility with cutting edge learning equipment. Special mention to super coach Jacob Boyce whose instructions and tips were clear-cut and very helpful. Definitely 5 stars here."
07 53437644info@scgolfcentre.com.au
Unit 1, 10 Premier Cct Warana Queensland 4575, Australia
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