Step 1: Have the right mind set. Too often we see players tinkering with their technique in hopes to hit the wedge shot.  How many different techniques can you come up with to hit good wedge shots? Does this apply to low, mid, high wedge shots? or does it apply to players to who struggle just with gaining good contact? As you can see the list can be massive. 

Step 2: The solution

1. Pick the shot 

2. Understand how the club needs to move to provide the correct impact

3. Repetition - with a plan

This will guarantee you a successful wedge game.

Step 3: Action

All TrackMan units have the ability to choose the shot for you and from here you can analyse what is causing the poor shots. A feature we use is "Test Centre" which allows individuals to select a distance range and TrackMan randomly spits out the shot for you to hit. This is a great test to see if you are thinking about the shot or if you are thinking about the technique of how to hit the shot. 

Unit 1, 10 Premier Cct Warana Queensland 4575, Australia
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