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We are not suited for everyone, however if you are motivated in improving you may have just found the best place.

So before you come down we must find out what it is that you're looking for so we can save each others time and effort.

In this phone call we will uncover your true intention with your golf and help you understand all the opportunities that are in front of you.

We know fixing the immediate pain point you have isn't the main reason you want help. Otherwise you would have booked and paid for a lesson already.

Once we identified all the obstacles you are facing, you will have an opportunity to make a decision whether you're going to let them get in your way moving forward.

From here you will be presented with a solution and if the time and investment line up you may choose to accept.
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“There are no shortcuts on the quest for perfection.”
Ben Hogan

It goes without saying that golf is not played in a pressure-free environment, so basic practice doesn’t help you play golf. The prime objective of your game is to elevate your skills and move to the next level. This means honing your ability to create opportunities and convert them, because you are THE PLAYER.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between average players and avid (competitive) golfers is to observe how they handle mistakes and missed opportunities. Experienced golfers learn the most about themselves and their weaknesses with their bad rounds, poor play under pressure, mental mistakes, physical mistakes, etc. With this knowledge, they then set goals for improving their performance when faced with those same circumstances. 

Understanding your shortcomings, and problems facing when trying to improve, is key. 

Do you often struggle with:

  • Excess noise in the mind, creating confusion
  • Unsure on what to work on
  • Not sure if you're even doing the right things
  • Lack of time to practice
  • Lessons making it more confusing
  • Just can't get rid of that poor shot

What you need is:

  • Guidance and reps. This is a sport at the end of the day right? If you were to improve at any other sport you would do the same thing. Get some simple guidance towards a goal. Then train/practice 2-3 times a week then go play the game to see how your progressing.
  • There is no magical cure or short cuts and even if you do find them they are rarely long lasting.
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Come down and check us out at 10 Premier CCT Warana, Sunshine Coast.


With a gym like facility for golfers you can now practice 24/7.


Coaches are dedicated to finding out what game you really want which allows you both to work towards a common goal. 


All programs are backed by a money back guarentee or we will work with you for free.


Widely known as one of the top golf coaches in Australia, Founder of SCGC, Atomu Watanabe has 20+ years of golf experience. As an ex-Tour player, Atomu’s mission is to give you the proven tools needed to start working more efficiently, and to enjoy the game to its fullest.

“When you’re starting or developing your golf game, you need clear systems and action plans to create the golf game you deserve - so you can work smarter, not harder.”

Atomu W.

Atomu has quickly realised that by providing a professional indoor environment with qualified coaches to assist, it is easy to eliminate common issues that prevent golfers like you from consistently bringing their best game, such as:

  • Don’t know what and how to practise
  • Not sure if the practice is even right
  • Not getting enough time on the golf course
  • Not getting a tee time 
  • Not receiving any personalised feedback
  • Getting too nervous to hit shots in front of other golfers


When practising at the Sunshine Coast Golf Centre, you’re supported not just by our incredible coaches but the latest technology as well, so you can learn how to bring your A-game, every time.

You will practise with TrackMan Technology to provide top of the range instructions, and help you reach your full potential on the golf course.

TrackMan is a state-of-the-art launch monitor that uses radar to track the flight of the golf ball, and provide precise measurements and analysis. With TrackMan, our coaches can see exactly what’s happening with your swing, and provide targeted feedback to help you make improvements. 

The greatest benefits of improving your golfing with TrackMan are:

  • Tangible results by correctly reading your performance
  • Your numbers are measurable therefore manageable
  • By spending the right amount of time to put the right techniques and skills  in place your frustration will transform into the correct ‘feels’ when playing on the golf course


Our Big Tilt putting green is a complete training solution to put you in a real game situation with different green slopes, helping you work on your green reading skills. The Big Tilt includes a laser aiming system, and is suitable for all level players to progress quickly with targeted exercises. The different programs will help you understand and build different putting strategies.

The Big Tilt is suitable for all golfers, from the beginners wanting to understand the trajectories, to the experienced player, who wishes to practise putting with a range of different analysis tools.

Three main skills you’re going to develop when working with the Big Tilt:

  • Green reading - by tilting the green you will be able to see the ‘aggressive line’ along with the ‘dying speed’ line 
  • Start line control - by applying the various in-built training tools
  • Distance control - by applying the various in-built training tools 


As an avid golfer, or a beginner on your golfing journey, you should choose our 24/7 indoor golfing facility, so you can finally become the golfer you always wanted to be, by:

  • Gaining the ability to choose specific shots to improve
  • Understanding the technique required to perform the golf shot correctly
  • Having a clear idea of the areas you need to improve on
  • Knowing how to use feedback to ensure improvement is happening the fastest possible way
  • Gaining the ability to play different formats
  • Having the knowledge, skill and psychology you require to play your best golf

On the 30min call 
Find out how:
To drop 5-10 shots immediately
To have Mental Performance
To allow the body to work properly
To build a consistent swing

FREE valued at $150


While you can use our indoor facility 24/7 and practise on your own whenever you wish, we all know, you will get results when you have the right coach to guide you on your way to golfing wisdom. At SCGC, we are committed to assist you with the best of the best.
Atomu Watanabe

Co-Founder of Sunshine Coast Golf Centre, Atomu has the vision to create the best golfing community in the world. By sharing all his knowledge and expertise. He has any amazing way of connecting like minded people to ensure they have the greatest opportunity to excel.
Alicia Watanabe
Co-Founder of Sunshine Coast Golf Centre, Alicia is the practical brains behind the operations. Getting bitten by the golfing bug herself, Alicia is keen to build her game both indoors and on the best courses around the world.
Jacob Boyce
Once crowned as the ICT Rookie of The Year in Queensland, this PGA Pro packed a lot of achievements under his belt in the past 5 years. Sunshine Coast born and bred, Coach Jacob is an expert on the local courses, and he is a firm believer of ‘practice makes perfect’.
Jon Kennedy
Coach JK, a PGA Pro, offers a personalised and targeted approach. He will work with you to improve your swing mechanics, course management and mental game.
Colin Davie
According to Coach Colin, the GAME is about creativity, decision-making, awareness, shot selection, fewer putts, and having fun in the doing. Unlock your true potential with Coach Colin, a coach who is dedicated to ensuring you fully understand and execute every instruction for maximum improvement.


Stephen McLachlan

"I had my first lesson with Atomu last week and, the experience was excellent. I always thought I had a slight into to out swing at times, but after seeing the numbers on my swing plane it was more of a robotic swing with a slight in to out. Atomu also gave me some insight on the mental side of the game which was good. I will be going back for another lesson and, would recommend to others."

Jordan Whittaker

"Great facility!
If your wanting to identify areas of improvement, the data from the ball tracker really helps.
Using the trackman ball tracker I was able to see the I have a tendacy to hit the ball close to the hosel, and then from there I found methods/drills online to try fix and helped loads! Also there is private training there but I didn’t get a chance to try."

Peter Caldwell

"The facilities are fantastic and the coaching available has resulted in a large change in my handicap and understanding of my game. The competitions and support have been excellent. I can't thank the team at SCGC enough for improving my game and my enjoyment."

Joanne Fisher

"Hubby Steve recently had a few tuition and practice sessions at SCGC over a period of 5 - 6 weeks. Atomu and his wife have invested in an impressive facility with cutting edge learning equipment. Special mention to super coach Jacob Boyce whose instructions and tips were clear-cut and very helpful. Definitely 5 stars here."

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At SCGC, we offer a range of Practice Packs and Coaching Packs to maximise your time at our indoor range. We get that your time is extremely valuable, not to mention that the game can get complicated, fast. Our golf coaching is designed to help you improve your game and become a ‘better golfer’ version of yourself.


Are you ready to take your golf to the next level? The SCGC Player Performance Program is here for you, to do just that. With this top of the range program you will have access to all the tools and resources you need to improve your game, and reach your full potential.

One of the key components of this program is to fully utilise Trackman Technology. This state-of-the-art system allows you to track and analyse every aspect of your swing, providing you with valuable data and feedback to help you make the necessary adjustments.

However, golf isn’t just about physical technique. That’s why we also included mental performance coaching in the program. Our expert coaches will work with you to develop a positive mindset, and help you overcome any mental blocks that may be holding you back.
In addition to the technical and mental training, we’ve also included strength and conditioning sessions to help you build the physical strength and endurance you need to play your absolute best. To keep you accountable and on track, you will also receive a customised plan, and regular check-ins with your coach.

The SCGC Player Performance Program is an investment in your golf game, but it’s one that will pay off in improved scores, and a greater enjoyment of the game.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SCGC Player Performance Program, and how it can benefit your golf game, we’re offering a FREE one-on-one consultation with one of our expert coaches.

During this consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your goals, and ask any questions you may have about the program.

Join our Guided Tour with a Pro and find out more about the SCGC Player Performance Program.
Complimentary session, valued at $150.

The mental side of golf. Staying focused and keeping the mind clear will allow you to be more creative with shots, and make the game of golf become easier when you play.
Having a negative mindset will be a hard place to break out of, and having a tough shot from the trees will seem impossible.
At Sunshine Coast Golf Centre, the coaches take care of the mental side of the game, not just the practical skills. With a clear mental mind set the shot will seem easier and keeping focused will make the harder shots more manageable and eventually become natural. My game definitely improved, and I’m looking forward to growing my skills further.
Reece Cuff
07 53437644info@scgolfcentre.com.au
Unit 1, 10 Premier Cct Warana Queensland 4575, Australia
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