By Colin Davie - SCGC Coach

Putting polarises* golfers. It’s either their favourite part of golf, or what they dread most. It’s easy to see why.

On one hand putting’s easy you’re simply rolling the ball a few feet along the ground. On the other hand poor putts can quickly ramp up your score. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting on the green in regulation, only to take three (or more) putts to finish the hole.

You ought to divide putting practice into two categories;

  1. putts you should be holing all of the time
  2. longer putts you probably will not hole.

It is important to make the distinction because it narrows your focus and takes the pressure off when playing competitively.

The putts you should be sinking almost every time are from three feet and closer. Touring professionals do it, and there’s little reason you can’t do the same.

In 2017, all 190 PGA touring professionals made at least 98% of putts within three feet.

The least successful putter that year was former Master’s winner, Adam Scott (Aussie). Of the 460 putts made from that distance, he’d missed only 9. Anything past three feet and a touring professional’s accuracy decreases exponentially.

Below shows the median average accuracy of all PGA Tour player’s putts in 2017.

2017 PGA Tour % of Putts Holed

within 3ft99.5%
3ft > 4ft92.6%
4ft > 5ft82.8%
5ft > 6ft72%
6ft > 7ft61.7%
7ft > 8ft55.2%
8ft > 9ft47.2%
9ft > 10ft42.6%
10ft > 15ft31.7%
15ft > 20ft20%
20ft > 25ft12.9%
Over 25ft5.6%

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