Golf is similar to business and life where if you focus on the wrong areas we end up doing a massive loop and seems like we never get to the end. Simon Sinek says, "Start with the why" and calls this concept the "Golden Circle"

1. Why?

2. How?

3. What?

Here is an example we often hear from the golfer we coach.

What are you working on? 

  • My left hip position
  • Rotating faster
  • Swinging too fast
  • My elbow position 
  • Trying not to swing over the top
  • Hitting draws
  • Hitting it further

And the list just keeps going.

Then we ask how are you working on this?

  • I play 3 times a week
  • I practice every day
  • I hit 100s of balls 
  • I try and find the solution to the above

and again the list continues.

The final question we ask is Why do work on this?

This question stumps a lot of golfers and the replies we get range from 

  • In hopes to play better
  • To be more consistent
  • Not sure

So lets take a step back and imagine if you solved things the proper way. By starting with WHY?


  • Play better
  • Be more consistent
  • Be able to hit that shot

Being able to answer these questions leads to being more discipline to practice and sticking to the task on hand.


To play better there are number of things we can pick at however if you break it up into the sections of your bag, you can now create mini goals. For example if you want to break 100 which makes you the top 45% of golfers.

Driver - Keep the ball in play

Irons - Keep the ball in play

Chipping inside 30m - Hit the green and keep it on first attempt

Putting - Max 2 putts.

How many shots would you save?

To break 90 you are now the top 26% of golfers.

If you knew your shot shape how many shots would that save?

To break 80 you are now the top 2% of golfers in the world.

How many different types of recovery shots can you hit? Start with the 9 window drill. Imagine Low, mid, high trajectory then the curve, Fade, straight and draw.

To break 70 you are 0.92% of the golfers in the world.

This is purely short game so based on US PGA stats is your proximity to hole 6% of the distance. From here are you averaging 1.5 putts per hole and is the short game complimenting this?


So you can see from these simple questions what a player needs to work can be incredibly different. Imagine if you picked the wrong one to focus on to start with?

So because of this mess we can end up with we are Sunshine Coast Golf Centre want to give every golfer a chance to improve by offering a Game Planning Session for FREE.

Book it now! Stop waiting around as we aren't getting younger.

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