“What’s the key to consistency?” Answer…………………Consistency

(Consistent definition and meaning: Collins English Dictionary) ~ Someone who is consistent always behaves in the same way, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in something.

When it comes to our health and fitness, maintaining it consistently or the attempt to start is by far the hardest part. We’ve all been there.
I remember the day I had to start again. It was literally like it was yesterday, and still haunts me to this day. I was a whopping 116kg, obese, deeply hungover, emotionally and mentally unhappy. 9 months out of the Navy, disgraced, depressed, and done.
It was the morning of Christmas Eve, 2005 and I was 26 When I stepped into my first gym post military and saw all the “fit” bodies. 
I wanted to do a rapid 180 degree turn and run into Banjos to grab 4 sausage rolls. BUT it was also in that moment that I decided to stick it out because I had committed to my Grandfather, myself, and bearing in mind this committed decision took 9 months, just to walk through unknown gym doors. So, I was right there, laying the very first stone, of a stack of stepping stones by making a conscious, deliberate & determined effort to not quit this time. A pledge to honour just one decision, just one, for once in my damn life, to put my health as a priority not just physically yet psychologically also, my life depended on it.

So why is committing and sticking to it so important?
Why do they say “consistency is key”?
Why is the key to consistency, consistency?
1. It lays the framework for long-term achievements.

2. It enables, enhances, supports the development of new habits.

3. It builds momentum to sustain accomplishments.

4. It creates self-confidence, trust, and discipline, self concept, and a strong self image. 

5. It develops new wellness opportunities, and by far increases longevity.
6. You won’t die early.

Whenever I have a new client or a regular client who has been ‘absent’, I reflect on this list. I want these individuals, especially if they are brand new, to develop their own practice of consistency in their health routine, BECAUSE they are worth it, their lives literally depend on it.
Health is by far the greatest form of wealth, just ask someone who doesn’t have it, and consistency is the gatekeeper. And for the regular clients who fall off the consistency carriage, contrast is a great motivator ( think weight gain, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, sausage roll and Tim Tam abuse ) yet unfortunately contrast for some still doesn’t cause enough pain to Force change.

To achieve consistency, there must be a foundation to build upon. Practicing showing up doesn’t matter if you’re prepared, on time or late, slow or fast, obese or overweight, weak or de conditioned, what matters is showing up. Showing up for yourself starts the habit forming process. These habits inevitably turn into something that we no longer must do, but look forward to doing. They become a part of us and who we are; and this creates the momentum for sustained accomplishments. The little wins add up to big victories, and as the saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” BUT let’s not forget, it’s still a thousand miles, and we must keep stepping.

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