Willingness to miss

Sometimes we believe we are doing everything to change the slice or the shank. Let me give you an example to see if you're trying your hardest to achieve something. 

Ask a friend or family member to stand up and reach as high as they can. Now ask them “can you go any higher?” and watch them actually reach higher.

Crazy right?!

To actually find the “right” feel we must be willing to hit a terrible shot or even miss the ball completely. I’ll give you an example if you’re hitting the ball out of the heel of the club. Have a few swings where you swing on the inside of the ball. Yes, completely miss the ball and do this at a speed where you know you can do it. 

Now make sure you get three in a row to ensure it wasn’t a fluke or pure luck.

With the next attempt we aren't looking for a pure center strike even though you will probably accidentally get it. We are looking to see if you can actually hit the part of the club you are wanting to hit. Again using the example of strike, look for three strikes out of the toe before adding speed.

Once you have achieved this you have two options. Aim for the middle at that speed or increase the speed or change clubs.

So you can see until you’re actually willing to miss the ball the success of a great shot may be further away then first anticipated.

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